Discover Why Web3 Creators Need BaseBe among the first—secure Base's inaugural Podcast NFT ft. Jesse Pollak.
Collect the First-Ever Podcast NFT on BASE.
At the crossroads of community and code, we find the Base Protocol.

Join us for a historic moment as Mint releases the first-ever podcast episode tokenized on Base, spotlighting Jesse Pollak. From his entrepreneurial roots to the nuances of web3 marketing, and even his early days at Coinbase, we dive deep for an eye-opening 60 minutes.

Jesse doesn't see Base merely as another L2. For him, it's the emerging cornerstone for the web3 creator economy. With the audacious goal of onboarding a billion users, this episode isn't just a listening experience—it's a timestamp on the evolution of content worth collecting.

Everyone can listen, but only a few can own. What part of history do you want to be on?

Be ready: The episode drops on Tuesday, August 29th at 11 AM EST and will be available for 72 hours.
How can I bridge my $ETH on the Ethereum network to the Base network?
You can swap your $ETH to Base by visiting the official link here: https://bridge.base.org/deposit
What do I do after collecting this episode?
Join my guild for next steps: https://guild.xyz/mint-podcast-collectors#
What are Podcast NFTs?
Podcast NFTs transform audio files into coveted collectibles. By acquiring Mint's Podcast NFTs, you're stamping your presence in the age of tokenized media and historic content.
What's the max I can collect?
There is no limit to how many Podcast NFTs you can collect.
When does the drop go live?
Tuesday, August 29th at 11 AM EST.
How much is each edition?
0.000777 ETH
Why is this drop an open edition?
We're experimenting at the edges of onchain content distribution. Congratulations on partaking in this journey.